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To order please fill out the information requested below and send it to me by mail.

I wish to receive: Please mark one or more boxes
. the Project Accounts Management   PAM 3.1
. the Project Accounts Management   PAM 2.5
. the Mail Registration Program   DocSys 2.1
. the Car Consumption Control Program   CAR 1.0
. the Accounts Receivable Program   Debtor 2.1



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Cost of one licence: 470.- EUR. PAM 3.1 cost 100.- EUR extra. Ask about multiple licences.
For Debtor this includes customisation of your statement layout. If you have one available send it to me.
You will be sent an invoice in your currency and payment instructions.

Thanks for Ordering

Inquiries: tel +267-71777706, e-Mail: i n f o @ j a n p i t . c o m