Project Accounts Management

A powerful accounting package
specially designed for development projects.

PAM is an accounting computer programme for the PC. PAM has been specifically designed for donor funded development projects.

Inputs from many users in the field over the past 12 years have greatly contributed to the program's usefulness. PAM is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Main Features

  • maintains automated cash/bank books per project
  • use of cost categories and cost centres
  • facility for inclusion of budget figures per cost category
  • available in several languages
  • facility to use more than one interrelated accounting scheme per project
  • multi-currency recordkeeping and reporting
  • excellent reporting features; user definable reports.
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bulletPAM allows multiple currencies, and keeps track of the conversion rates. For example donor funding is in USD, while most spending is done in local currency, and some spending is done in a neighbouring country. PAM can report in any of these currencies, converting at the daily rates.

bulletPAM can use up to five accounting schemes at the same time. The main scheme ('Series') normally indicates the type of expenditure like transport, salaries, office operation etc. Here also the bank and cash accounts find a place. The other Series can be used for example to monitor Location, Activity, or any other cost centre. PAM allows to cross tabulate the expenditures as seen in different Series.

bulletPAM keeps track of the budget, and indicates how much is spent and what is left - as amounts as well as percentages. Several reports provide analytical tools.

bulletPAM report definitions can be saved for easy re-use.

bulletPAM is very user oriented. In just a few days any member of the project team can use the program. Fast and reliable support through e-mail (also fax, telephone or slow mail).

Highly appreciated by:

  • users in the field
  • project managers
  • donors
  • auditors
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Example: An educational project is financed by an International Organisation, by the National Administration, and by a local NGO. The project works in several districts. PAM can provide reports indicating how much was spent on training materials or salaries, over a particular period, per donor or by location. For the local administration you would use a local cur-rency, for the donor you would report in the donors currency.

bulletPAM reports are highly configurable. Some reports can be output as a spreadsheet that can be loaded into Excel.

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PAM offers more:
  • Multiple administrations (projects)
  • Import from (sub) projects
  • Export to Promes™
  • Password protection
  • Five user levels: from entry clerk to project manager.
  • Hierarchy of sub-accounts
  • Backup - restore function
  • On line Help system
  • On board calculator
  • Powerful Filter features
  • Short codes for easy and consistent data entry
  • Detailed manual (over 100 pages).

Download PAM Logo Version 3.1 for Windows

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